1st Gordon goes to the Agooneree!

Agooneree is a camp for all Scouts and Guides and caters for special needs members. This year the NSW Agooneree was held at the picturesque Scout camp at Mt Keira on the escarpment overlooking Wollongong.

1st Gordon Knights!

1st Gordon Knights!

The theme was medieval – and 1st Gordon Scouts enjoyed dressing up as knights and joining in the medieval style games and sword play. As the weather fined up, 1st Gordon ran a grand game of cricket that included Scouts of all abilities – a fine reminder that everyone deserves to
participate and have fun.  We also spent a day at the Helensburgh Symbio wildlife park, had a spectacular campfire night and a banquet in the beautiful sandstone lodge.

Our thanks go to the dedicated Agooneree organising team and supporters, including the caterers and all helpers who made this a remarkable and memorable weekend.

And a big thank you to Dormouse and Kaa who once again made it possible for the scouts to enjoy a wonderful school holiday experience!

1st Gordon Camp Site

1st Gordon Camp Site

Watching the sword fighting

Watching the sword fighting

Very professional looking sword fighting!

Very professional looking sword fighting!

Making damper

Making damper

Medieval biscuit decorating

Medieval biscuit decorating

Having fun…. including an enforced hair wash?

Having fun…. including an enforced hair wash?

Under the maypole

Under the maypole





Camp slumber party

Camp slumber party



Cubs Bonfire Night, Saturday 25 July 2015

First Gordon cubs had a wonderful evening on Saturday 25 July at the Baden Powell centre in Pennant Hills, at the Northern District bonfire night.

It  was a gorgeous clear winter’s night and the amphitheatre was alive with campfire singing, marshmallow toasting and a large group of happy cubs.

A big thank you to Bagheera and Akela for leading another exciting activity for our group.

The amphitheatre ready to light the bonfire

The amphitheatre is ready to light the bonfire

20150725_Cubs Bonfire 2

The flame is lit

The flame is lit

1st Gordon led a couple of songs

1st Gordon led a couple of songs

20150725_Cubs Bonfire 8

toasting marshmallows

getting ready to toast marshmallows

20150725_Cubs Bonfire 5

Cubs Air Activities Day in Camden 2 August 2015

On Sunday Aug 2nd, Terri, Mitch, Nicholas, Ollie, Tom, Luke, Ryan, Thierry, Hassan, Hamiee, Zachary, Alwyn, Jaime (scout) and Rhys plus assorted Transport Staff (aka Parents) headed South to Camden Airport. That’s at least one hour of eye-spy on the way.

"1st Gordon, motley crew"

“1st Gordon cubs”

First lesson of the day: No Qantas or Virgin at this airport. What sort of airport is this?

Second lesson: Scouts own four ‘planes! Real ‘planes. Who’d have thought?

Welcome to the Scout Air Activities Centre. “A fair dinkum flight school” we were soon to be told.  Complete with parade ground, flag pole and atypical halls/ huts. And four ‘planes.

Oh. And they have an airport.

We shared the day with a troop from Castle Hill. We divided into groups of three to fit the four seater Cessnas. We took some lessons. Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag. Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Technical terms were soon rolling off the tongue.

"Hanging on every word"

“Hanging on every word”

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 8

Then came the briefing on the apron. This is a flap. Step here, not here. Push here, and that moves there. Sorted.

"Instructions from Captain George"

“Instructions from Captain George”

Lesson to the hungry. Experienced Air Scout instructors are not keen on morning tea being consumed before flight time. Live with it cubs.

"One two three Woof"

“One two three Woof”

All of this academia was the precursor to twenty minutes in the air with pilot George at the controls of VH-Juliet-Bravo-Charlie. What did you see cubs?: A river, and Warragamba Dam; a bushfire in the Blue Mountains, with flames like lava; mines; and a lot of houses. George was cool. And it wasn’t bumpy at all.

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 7

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 9

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 10

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 5

A great day from an organisation that continues to surprise. Canvas Tents and tin mugs in this parent’s day…

Thanks to Terri for organising, and to the professional crew at Camden.
by Steve (and Nicholas)

Scouts at the 100 Year ANZAC Day Service

ANZAC Day 2015 marked 100 years since Gallipoli and there were services across the nation to mark this occasion. Many of our 1st Gordon Scouts donned their uniforms and headed into the city on an early train (it was still dark!) to spend the morning assisting Legacy by distributing rosemary in commemoration.


ANZAC Day 2015 Collage

This was a wonderful community service and the scouts were well regarded by members of the public who stopped to speak with them along the way.


Scouts 2015 Easter Camp at Glenrock

Easter at Glenrock started off unbelievably wet and quite cold this year, however 13 1st Gordon scouts were undeterred and together with fearless leader Dormouse and a group from West Pymble scouts, went to Glenrock to camp in tents for 4 nights!

The first two days and a half days saw relentless rain and by Saturday afternoon, it was clear that with no break in the weather in sight, action was required!  The rather damp group headed into Charlestown to dry out while enjoying a movie.


By Sunday afternoon the rain stopped, sunshine appeared and the scouts were able to get back into some outdoor fun at the beach.

Easter Camp 1

Easter camp fun

2015 Glenrock Easter Wildlife

At the end of the trip, there was more than a little mud to be washed from tired bodies, clothes and equipment, but it was another fantastic weekend away together and everyone returned smiling on Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks to the wonderful leaders who once again, made the weekend possible!

Scouts Canoeing at SWASH February 2015

20150207 Canoeing Collage

1st Gordon Scouts joined Killara troop for a weekend of canoeing with SWASH in Woolwich in early February.

Both days were hot and sunny and the Scouts were kept busy practicing paddling, performing rescues and developing their water skills.

Scouts learned about water safety and the theory side of canoeing and this was followed by an assessment test.

Everyone enjoyed the races at the conclusion of the course – paddling backwards had everyone cheering each other on! It was a fabulous weekend and all the Scouts were awarded their level 2 canoeing – well done, good effort by all.

We are looking forward to planning some canoeing trips later this year.


Scouts District Camp September 2014

Two patrols from 1st Gordon Scouts attended District Camp at the Cataract Scout Camp in the September school holidays.

Their chosen theme was Commandos.  Our Scouts made a huge effort to dress themselves and their sites accordingly and they worked hard to present tidy, well organised camps. 1st Gordon brought home the prize for the best themed site and costumes!

The competition dinners prepared by the scouts were excellent and the sound of The Last Post drifting up from the 1st Gordon SAS site was just fantastic. 1st Gordon also did well in the Touch Footy Competition.

District Camp Commandos Collage copy 1

The highlight of the camp for the Scouts was Challenge Valley, complete with lots of mud and water!

District Camp Challenge Valley Collage copy 1

Thanks to the Patrol Leaders for organising all provisions, equipment and for leading team work.

Thanks also to the Scout Leaders for giving their time and effort to the group and making these wonderful activities possible.

Thank You Dormouse

We just wanted to let everyone know about one person in 1st Gordon scouts who does an amazing job every week. This person is Dormouse aka. Diane Maher. Dormouse has spent hours of her own time organizing many fun and amazing things for us scouts to do. Some of these activities include Scout Hike, going to the Camden Air Base, SWASH (Scout Water Activities Sydney Harbour), Easter Camp and many, many others.

We are so grateful for all of the time and effort that Dormouse puts in to every week and we would just like to say one BIG thank you to her on behalf of all of the scouts in 1st Gordon Scout Troop.

Thank you for everything that you do for us Dormouse. Without you, there would be no 1st Gordon Scout troop.

Avril and Sophie

Glenrock – Easter Camp 2014

We teamed up again with Killara troop for another fantastic Easter at Glenrock Scout camp.  The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for all our water activities.

When we arrived the level of the water in the lagoon was very low and we waded to the beach. Overnight the seas flowed in and filled the lagoon.

The Scouts enjoyed a lesson on African drumming, as well as kayaking, swimming and a red cord walk through the State Conservation Area up to the old railway tunnel.

Dinners of spaghetti bolognaise, roast lamb and hay box stew were popular and the Scouts finished the final day with a Scout’s own and then an Easter egg hunt.



Easter Camp hike Easter camp water activities 2 Easter camp water activities Easter camp fun at Easter camp Leichhardt's lookout Scouts on African drums Glenrock beach





1st Gordon Open Day

Despite the rain, the Cubs, Scouts and parents had fun entertaining visitors to the Scout Hall on our Open Day in February. Activities including riding the billy carts, crate stacking and hurling water bombs with the ballistas.  Thank you to everyone who came and joined in to make it a great day.