Generous Donation of Personal Locator Beacons

First Gordon Scouts would like to acknowledge a significant donation of two Personal Locator Beacons (EPIRB’s) for use by the scouts. They were donated by Sea Trucks Australia and Russ Layton, one of our scouting parents.

Russ Layton and his wife Mary have had a long association with 1st Gordon as their elder son Tom worked his way through Cubs and Scouts, culminating in Tom being one of our triple green cord recipients in November 2009. This is only the second time that this has happened in the District.

As a ship’s Captain and a keen outdoors man Russ knows the value of these devices as great insurance if you are in a remote location and some emergency crops up that you just cant cope with on your own. First Gordon Scouts are a very well equipped troop and the EPIRB’s will ensure that when our scouts venture into the bush they are at the highest levels of safety. Thanks Russ for the donation! We are always grateful for any donations to the troop!

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