Red Cord Hike Requirements

A reminder for scouts of all the things you have to prepare for your Red Cord Hike.

With at least four other Scouts plan and go on a hike for at least one day on a tracked terrain in a familiar area. The
purpose of this hike is to provide an environment to put into practice skills learnt.

• Check the term program with your leader and parents for a date for a hike. Any Scout activity that involves
leaders requires a minimum of two adults and when girl Scouts are involved an adult female is required.
• Location of hike, close is better especially for a Red cord hike, should be in a familiar location.
• Check availability of hike path. Has there been a bushfire through there recently? Is the track closed for
• How are you going to get to and from the hike location? Car pooling, entrance money or bus fares if
applicable. Don’t always assume you will be dropped off; see if there is a bus or train you can catch.
• Where to start and finish, should be easily recognizable. A major car park is best.
• What time the hike starts, keep in mind Scouts doing Saturday sport
• What time for pickup or bus home? Allow an hour beyond what you think.
• Prepare maps – scan and print maps for everyone. Check
• What gear will you need? Water, food, money, compass, phone, rain coat…
• Submit your completed plan to your leader with an A1 form for approval minimum 2 weeks before the hike.

Naismith’s Rule
• Light easy going – 5 km per hour.
• Easy going – 3 km per hour.
• Heavy going – 1½ km per hour.
• Thick bush, heavy going – ½ km per hour.
• Climbing 500m add 1 hour.
• Descending 1000m add 1 hour.
• For every hour after 5 hours add 1 hour (for fatigue).
• (1/3 reduction for fit experienced walkers).’s_Rule
• Identify emergency exit points along the walk in case injured walker, should preferably be a site where car or

4WD access is close
• What safety equipment will you need? 1st aid kit, whistle, what else?
• What are you going to do if you get lost? Have a plan!
• Safety phone numbers, who should you call first, second, third?

24 hrs before the Hike
• Condition of the track, has it been raining heavily during the week, is there a risk of bush fires? Hikes can
always be rescheduled, think safety first.
• Check the weather forecast:

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