X-Ray Recycling

First Gordon Scouts are collecting X-rays for recycling. We have a large wheelie bin in the hall and will happily take any size and any quantity of x-rays from you, your friends and relatives. Thex-ray films are sent to a firm in Sydney that recycles the plastic and recovers the silver and other chemicals from the films. The same applies to old film negatives so if you have any of these then feel free to drop them under the door of the hall.

For bulk deliveries or pickups please contact our Group Leader at info@firstgordonscouts.org.au.

For this service and for helping the environment the Scouts earn a small fee of approximately $35.00 per 100kg of film.

Image thanks to Michael Dorausch.

If you are concerned about privacy issues then you can or we will simply cut any names off anyx-rays before they are deposited in the wheelie bin.