Observatory Visit Report

Last friday on the 7th of June, 1st Gordon scouts went to the observatory. We learnt many
things about planets and stars such as how to ?nd the southern cross and scorpius in the
night sky.

Because we have a small troop, we invited 1st Killara scouts to join us. Together,
we had a very fun (and late) night.

At the observatory, we looked through 2 different
telescopes. One that was so old that we were not allowed to touch it and another that was
new. The newer telescope was amazing because it could ?nd things in the night sky by

Just before we left, we watched a 3D video on the sun and what will happen to it in
billions of years time. Because we watched that video, we missed our train back by 2
minutes! That was very annoying but it meant that we had 10 minutes to buy soft drink.
When we ?nally got on the train to go home, we were all exhausted but some snakes sorted
us out and in a matter of minutes, we were all talking happily until the sad moment came
when we had to say goodbye to Killara scouts at Killara station. When we got to Gordon
station, our parents were waiting to take us home after a long and exiting night at the



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