Blue Cord Hike Report – June 2013

Last weekend, we went on my blue cord hike. Sophie, Sam, Matt, Conor and I went and we all had great fun! We left on Saturday morning to go to Tea Gardens and we arrived at about 12:00pm. We stopped off at Dormouse’s house for sausage rolls and then we headed off towards the start of our hike.



At around about 1:00pm, we were on our way, walking along the wet and muddy 4WD track towards the beach. After getting to the beach and walking along it for what seemed like ages, we found a fisherman who we asked for directions because we were a little unsure of how far we had to walk until we had to turn off to get to the campsite. As we were talking to the man, Sam cut his finger which we cleaned up quickly and the fisherman caught a fish that was quite big. We got a scare as we were thanking the man for his kindness when we saw a dog in the bushes. It seemed to be following us so we asked the man if it was his dog and he said that it was a wild dingo!


When we arrived at the campsite, it was getting dark so we wasted no time getting dinner cooked and our tents up. By the time that we were eating our delicious meal of mac cheese and tuna (pasta and sauce for Sam), it was raining quite heavily so we put our rain coats on and our packs in our tents. Dessert was roasted marshmallows which was really yummy. We then washed up our plates and had an early night. It took me a while to get to sleep because it was raining really heavily.

When we got up the next morning, we packed our tents away even though they were soaking, ate a scrumptious breakfast of pikelets, an up and go and nutrigrain, said goodbye to Dormouse and headed towards the beach where we were going to continue. Because it had rained so heavily, all of our tracks had been washed away from the day before so all that was left was the tracks made by animals that morning. We found many, many dingo tracks and some wallaby tracks as well. We started to follow some dingo tracks that were going the same way as us until the dingo’s tracks turned around a sand dune away from where we were going. We also saw the tracks of a whole pack of dingos! The pack consisted of at least a large dingo, a smaller dingo and a tiny, baby dingo.

So far, we had been very lucky with weather because it hadn’t rained much but by about 10:00am, it was pouring. We all got soaked! After a while, the rain stopped for long enough for us to warm up and dry off.


When we got to Dark Point (Little Gibber) we had our lunch which was wraps with Nutella, Vegemite, baby bells, twiggy sticks and salami as well as a bag of lollies between us and then we continued on our way. At the sand dunes, we stopped to play for a while. We had races to see who could roll down the hill the quickest and we took heaps of photos.


As we were leaving, it started to pour. We were all drenched in minutes and quite cold. We headed quickly off the sand dunes to a car park hoping to find shelter but after having no luck, we continued walking.

We walked along a track through the bush for a while until we reached a stream that we needed to cross. The stream was small but not small enough to jump over. There was a wooden plank that was placed through the stream to help us get across but when I stepped on it, it slipped so we had to fix it. We all got safely across in the end and we had no one fall in which was lucky because the water looked yellow and gross.

When we reached Mungo Brush Road, we were all wet, cold, tired and miserable so we decided to ring Dormouse to let her know about how we were going. She said that she would come and meet with us to check how everything was going. When Dormouse arrived, we decided that it was too wet and cold to continue so we all hopped into the car and drove back to Dormouse’s house where we had a movie marathon with popcorn and lollies, a warm shower and fish and chips for dinner. By then, we were very warm and happy.

At around 8:30pm, we went off to bed feeling warm, happy and comfortable. We all slept very well that night.

In the morning, we watched another movie whilst eating breakfast. We had what we didn’t eat the day before which included pikelets, an up and go and nutrigrain. When we had finished eating and the movie was over we made sure that we had everything and we did some cleaning.

Next, we decided that we would go on a walk and get an ice cream. I had a bubblegum flavoured ice cream which was delicious. We continued walking but we stopped every now and then to skim rocks on the water. I cut my finger on an oyster but we still had lots of fun.

When we got back to Dormouse’s house, we had lunch which was wraps and we watched Sea Patrol on TV until Matt’s mum arrived to take Sam and Matt home. I stayed behind with Sophie and Conor to help pack the trailer and finish tidying up.

Once all of the tidying was done, we went to see Sophie and Conor’s grandparents. We all enjoyed ourselves especially Tuesday who was Sophie and Conor’s grandparent’s dog when we gave her a walk by the water.

Then, we said goodbye and went back to Dormouse’s house again to collect everything that we needed to take back with us.

When we arrived home, it was about 6:30pm and I was very tired from the long and tiring weekend.

Overall, I think that everyone who came on the hike did very well and that everyone should be very proud of their efforts especially Conor who came on this hike even though he is still a cub.

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