Thank You Dormouse

We just wanted to let everyone know about one person in 1st Gordon scouts who does an amazing job every week. This person is Dormouse aka. Diane Maher. Dormouse has spent hours of her own time organizing many fun and amazing things for us scouts to do. Some of these activities include Scout Hike, going to the Camden Air Base, SWASH (Scout Water Activities Sydney Harbour), Easter Camp and many, many others.

We are so grateful for all of the time and effort that Dormouse puts in to every week and we would just like to say one BIG thank you to her on behalf of all of the scouts in 1st Gordon Scout Troop.

Thank you for everything that you do for us Dormouse. Without you, there would be no 1st Gordon Scout troop.

Avril and Sophie

9 thoughts on “Thank You Dormouse

  1. Sophie Maher

    OMG Dormouse you rock!!!! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for 1st Gordon over the years! I don’t know what we would do without you! I’m going to miss having you as a leader when I go to vennies next year!
    Thanks for everything mum
    Lots of Love
    PL of the geckos

  2. Sandra

    Dear Dormouse,

    We are in awe of your generosity, time, energy and spirit devoted to the scouts- thank you. There are so many interesting events and your leadership along with Ka and Sophie makes for a wonderful Gordon scout team.
    Sandra and Adam

  3. Reginald townsend

    A big thank you for the scout hike, and appreciate the way you organised the base you did it was very entertaining, especially when it was muddy and wet. I would like to appoligize for what I did wrong, I was pumped and silly and I made a mastake and I don’t think usually with the pumped thing. Other then that i had a awesome time, i did not know how many people I know is in scouts. Thank you so much,
    Special regards
    Reg Townsend

  4. admin Post author

    Thank you so much Dormouse for being the best scout leader ever!


  5. Miguel

    Thanks Dormouse for all the guidance and support you gave us, and for teaching us how to be scouts.

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