Cubs Air Activities Day in Camden 2 August 2015

On Sunday Aug 2nd, Terri, Mitch, Nicholas, Ollie, Tom, Luke, Ryan, Thierry, Hassan, Hamiee, Zachary, Alwyn, Jaime (scout) and Rhys plus assorted Transport Staff (aka Parents) headed South to Camden Airport. That’s at least one hour of eye-spy on the way.

"1st Gordon, motley crew"

“1st Gordon cubs”

First lesson of the day: No Qantas or Virgin at this airport. What sort of airport is this?

Second lesson: Scouts own four ‘planes! Real ‘planes. Who’d have thought?

Welcome to the Scout Air Activities Centre. “A fair dinkum flight school” we were soon to be told.  Complete with parade ground, flag pole and atypical halls/ huts. And four ‘planes.

Oh. And they have an airport.

We shared the day with a troop from Castle Hill. We divided into groups of three to fit the four seater Cessnas. We took some lessons. Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag. Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Technical terms were soon rolling off the tongue.

"Hanging on every word"

“Hanging on every word”

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 8

Then came the briefing on the apron. This is a flap. Step here, not here. Push here, and that moves there. Sorted.

"Instructions from Captain George"

“Instructions from Captain George”

Lesson to the hungry. Experienced Air Scout instructors are not keen on morning tea being consumed before flight time. Live with it cubs.

"One two three Woof"

“One two three Woof”

All of this academia was the precursor to twenty minutes in the air with pilot George at the controls of VH-Juliet-Bravo-Charlie. What did you see cubs?: A river, and Warragamba Dam; a bushfire in the Blue Mountains, with flames like lava; mines; and a lot of houses. George was cool. And it wasn’t bumpy at all.

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 7

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 9

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 10

20150802 Cubs Air Activities 5

A great day from an organisation that continues to surprise. Canvas Tents and tin mugs in this parent’s day…

Thanks to Terri for organising, and to the professional crew at Camden.
by Steve (and Nicholas)

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