First Gordon Scouts were established in 1916, the same year that Baden Powell started Cubs in the UK. The First Gordon Scout troop was formed by the Reverend Arnold Connolly, the rector of St John’s Church Gordon and meetings were then held for many years in the Parish Hall on Friday nights.

The present scout hall is the second on the site. The first was a smaller, wooden structure built in 1932 that in those days cost 626 pounds. It had no kitchen, and the Leaders’ Den, storage area and Rover den were positioned under the hall. Unfortunately fire destroyed the building in 1959 and 2 years later in 1961, with the help of a great many supporters the new hall that we use today was built.

Since that time there have been many changes in the suburb of Gordon and we’ve been very fortunate to have the bushland surrounding our Scout Hall preserved to near its original state. The creek behind us still flows and the tracks along it provides some wonderful bushwalking opportunities.

While scouting values are timeless and are the foundation of our international organisation, the scouting movement remains relevant to the needs of young people and is enjoying huge popularity.

First Gordon welcomes boys and girls between the ages of 8 – 11 to join the cubs and 11 – 15 for scouts.

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