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Mark Raftery Tribute

First Gordon Scout Group sadly notes the passing of Mark Raftery, enthusiastic Scout Dad of Annabel and former committee member. Mark died peacefully on Sunday January 22nd after a prolonged illness. All of our thoughts are with Annabel and her family.

2011 Open Day, Sat Sept 10, Midday – 3pm

Join the First Gordon Cubs and Scouts for our 2011 Open Day.

At our hall at the end of Cawarra Place, Gordon (off Vale St)

Sausage Sizzle, lots of Fun Activities

Phone: 0418 11 88 42
email us at:

The boys and girls in our Group learn practical skills while playing games and having fun. From time to time, special activities are organised that cover a diverse range of interests such as camping, hiking, flying, outdoors skills, rafting and boating.
The first six weeks are free, so you can decide if Scouting is suitable for your child and family.

X-Ray Recycling

First Gordon Scouts are collecting X-rays for recycling. We have a large wheelie bin in the hall and will happily take any size and any quantity of x-rays from you, your friends and relatives. Thex-ray films are sent to a firm in Sydney that recycles the plastic and recovers the silver and other chemicals from the films. The same applies to old film negatives so if you have any of these then feel free to drop them under the door of the hall.

For bulk deliveries or pickups please contact our Group Leader at

For this service and for helping the environment the Scouts earn a small fee of approximately $35.00 per 100kg of film.

Image thanks to Michael Dorausch.

If you are concerned about privacy issues then you can or we will simply cut any names off anyx-rays before they are deposited in the wheelie bin.

Useful Sites for Scouts and Cubs

Permission forms, policies and procedures…
This is where you should always go to get the latest copy of the A1 permission form as well as all of the policies, procedure documents, upcoming events and things like logos and images.

One of the two biggest events on the Scout calendar each year (applies to Scouts only)

Sydney North Region
This is our Region’s web site

And if you’re looking for games….

Jamboree AJ2013

WOSM (World Scouts)

Information about all the right sleeping gear

Mountain Bike Trails

Bush walking and camping

Red Cord Hike Requirements

A reminder for scouts of all the things you have to prepare for your Red Cord Hike.

With at least four other Scouts plan and go on a hike for at least one day on a tracked terrain in a familiar area. The
purpose of this hike is to provide an environment to put into practice skills learnt.

• Check the term program with your leader and parents for a date for a hike. Any Scout activity that involves
leaders requires a minimum of two adults and when girl Scouts are involved an adult female is required.
• Location of hike, close is better especially for a Red cord hike, should be in a familiar location.
• Check availability of hike path. Has there been a bushfire through there recently? Is the track closed for
• How are you going to get to and from the hike location? Car pooling, entrance money or bus fares if
applicable. Don’t always assume you will be dropped off; see if there is a bus or train you can catch.
• Where to start and finish, should be easily recognizable. A major car park is best.
• What time the hike starts, keep in mind Scouts doing Saturday sport
• What time for pickup or bus home? Allow an hour beyond what you think.
• Prepare maps – scan and print maps for everyone. Check
• What gear will you need? Water, food, money, compass, phone, rain coat…
• Submit your completed plan to your leader with an A1 form for approval minimum 2 weeks before the hike.

Naismith’s Rule
• Light easy going – 5 km per hour.
• Easy going – 3 km per hour.
• Heavy going – 1½ km per hour.
• Thick bush, heavy going – ½ km per hour.
• Climbing 500m add 1 hour.
• Descending 1000m add 1 hour.
• For every hour after 5 hours add 1 hour (for fatigue).
• (1/3 reduction for fit experienced walkers).’s_Rule
• Identify emergency exit points along the walk in case injured walker, should preferably be a site where car or

4WD access is close
• What safety equipment will you need? 1st aid kit, whistle, what else?
• What are you going to do if you get lost? Have a plan!
• Safety phone numbers, who should you call first, second, third?

24 hrs before the Hike
• Condition of the track, has it been raining heavily during the week, is there a risk of bush fires? Hikes can
always be rescheduled, think safety first.
• Check the weather forecast:

Raft Race Winners Again

1st Gordon won the raft race at Narrabeen Lake again. We’re 2011 champions thanks to a fantastic crew of scouts and the help of scout leader Spike who has perfected the raft design over the past five years. Well done everyone, we get to take the trophie home again. Hope you enjoy the video

We’re Back and We’re Iceblocking!

First Gordon Scouts are back for 2011 and our first fun activity was to go Iceblocking at Norman Griffiths oval – well on the hill that goes down to it. What is iceblocking you may ask? Get a baking tray and fill it with water, leave it in your fridge for 48 hours. Don’t forget to drape a couple of bits of rope in. When the block is frozen use it to slide down a grassy slope. Recipe for summer fun.

Check out this term’s activities on our calendar.

New Term 4 Cubs and Scouts Calendars now on site

Apologies that they have only just gone up but better late than never. We look forward to seeing you at our Cubs and Scouts Family Day on the 28th November at North Head Artillery Museum. Please RSVP Stephen Dwyer by Wednesday 24th November if you’d like to come on the tour of North Fort starting at 11:30am. You can find updated Scouts and Cubs calendars on our Google Calendar (scroll down to the bottom of this page) or download below:

Download Cubs Term 4 Calendar here.

Download Scouts Term 4 Calendar here.