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Scouts 2015 Easter Camp at Glenrock

Easter at Glenrock started off unbelievably wet and quite cold this year, however 13 1st Gordon scouts were undeterred and together with fearless leader Dormouse and a group from West Pymble scouts, went to Glenrock to camp in tents for 4 nights!

The first two days and a half days saw relentless rain and by Saturday afternoon, it was clear that with no break in the weather in sight, action was required!  The rather damp group headed into Charlestown to dry out while enjoying a movie.


By Sunday afternoon the rain stopped, sunshine appeared and the scouts were able to get back into some outdoor fun at the beach.

Easter Camp 1

Easter camp fun

2015 Glenrock Easter Wildlife

At the end of the trip, there was more than a little mud to be washed from tired bodies, clothes and equipment, but it was another fantastic weekend away together and everyone returned smiling on Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks to the wonderful leaders who once again, made the weekend possible!

Scouts District Camp September 2014

Two patrols from 1st Gordon Scouts attended District Camp at the Cataract Scout Camp in the September school holidays.

Their chosen theme was Commandos.  Our Scouts made a huge effort to dress themselves and their sites accordingly and they worked hard to present tidy, well organised camps. 1st Gordon brought home the prize for the best themed site and costumes!

The competition dinners prepared by the scouts were excellent and the sound of The Last Post drifting up from the 1st Gordon SAS site was just fantastic. 1st Gordon also did well in the Touch Footy Competition.

District Camp Commandos Collage copy 1

The highlight of the camp for the Scouts was Challenge Valley, complete with lots of mud and water!

District Camp Challenge Valley Collage copy 1

Thanks to the Patrol Leaders for organising all provisions, equipment and for leading team work.

Thanks also to the Scout Leaders for giving their time and effort to the group and making these wonderful activities possible.