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2011 Open Day, Sat Sept 10, Midday – 3pm

Join the First Gordon Cubs and Scouts for our 2011 Open Day.

At our hall at the end of Cawarra Place, Gordon (off Vale St)

Sausage Sizzle, lots of Fun Activities

Phone: 0418 11 88 42
email us at:

The boys and girls in our Group learn practical skills while playing games and having fun. From time to time, special activities are organised that cover a diverse range of interests such as camping, hiking, flying, outdoors skills, rafting and boating.
The first six weeks are free, so you can decide if Scouting is suitable for your child and family.

Open Day at 1st Gordon a Huge Success

Once again 1st Gordon has managed to put on a really successful Open Day at our hall on February 21st. Not only did we have lots of interested potential Cubs and Scouts and their respective parents but those of us who were there had a whole lot of fun. The Scouts built two ballista’s (giant catapults) and launched heaps of water bombs at each other, showed off their new canoeing equipment and guided many of the visitors around the hall. While this was going on our leaders Spike and Rikki helped lots of kids to practice their climbing skills while doing Crate Stacking in the hall. To top things off some of our mums put on a tasty sausage sizzle.

In the end though the true measure of success for a day like this is not how many lookers you get but how many New Chums come along in the weeks following. Well, on the Monday night straight after the Open Day we had five new Cub chums come along to the hall and a sixth boy will start next Monday night. I think we can call that a success.

My thanks to all of the leaders and parents who pitched in and helped prepare for and run the day and a special thanks to the Cubs and Scouts who represented both 1st Gordon and the Scouting movement so very well.

Stephen (Skip) Dwyer.

Group Leader

Open Day Sunday 21st February!

You’re welcome to attend our Open Day on Sunday 21st February 2010 from 11am to 2pm at our Scout Hall at the end of Cawarra Place in Gordon (map  here)

We welcome girls and boys between 8 and 15 years of age who are looking for fun, freedom, friendship, excitement and challenge. We’ve just had a group of scouts at Jamboree 2010 and the experience for all of them was fantastic. Scouts from all over Australia attended along with some international attendees. The activities offered at Jamboree were fantastic: boating, hiking, bushcraft, a live radio station, video workshops and water slides. But the experience of being self reliant and the opportunity to meet people from all over Australia were definitely highlights.

For more information about First Gordon Scouts please contact us by email. We hope to see you at our Open Day where you’ll be able to experience a sample of some of our activities and meet cubs, scouts and leaders of our troops.

We are holding our Annual General Meeting at 2pm immediately following Open Day. Please consider nominating to assist us as a scout leader or on our organising committee. Cubs and Scout troops can’t operate without the assistance of parent volunteers and we encourage you to nominate. Many hands makes light work we the community of people we build in the local area is part of what it’s all about.