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Useful Sites for Scouts and Cubs

Permission forms, policies and procedures…
This is where you should always go to get the latest copy of the A1 permission form as well as all of the policies, procedure documents, upcoming events and things like logos and images.

One of the two biggest events on the Scout calendar each year (applies to Scouts only)

Sydney North Region
This is our Region’s web site

And if you’re looking for games….

Jamboree AJ2013

WOSM (World Scouts)

Information about all the right sleeping gear

Mountain Bike Trails

Bush walking and camping

Naismith’s Rule

Naismith’s Rule is a rule of thumb that helps in the planning of a walking or hiking expedition by calculating how long it will take to walk the route, including ascents. The rule was devised by William W. Naismith, a Scottish mountaineer, in 1892. The basic rule is as follows:

Light easy going – 5 km per hour.
Easy going – 3 km per hour.
Heavy going – 1½  km per hour.
Thick bush, heavy going – ½  km per hour.

Climbing 500m add 1 hour.
Descending 1000m add 1 hour.
For every hour after 5 hours add 1 hour (for fatigue).

(1/3 reduction for fit experienced walkers).

For more information please visit the Wikipedia here.