Observatory Visit Report

Last friday on the 7th of June, 1st Gordon scouts went to the observatory. We learnt many
things about planets and stars such as how to ?nd the southern cross and scorpius in the
night sky.

Because we have a small troop, we invited 1st Killara scouts to join us. Together,
we had a very fun (and late) night.

At the observatory, we looked through 2 different
telescopes. One that was so old that we were not allowed to touch it and another that was
new. The newer telescope was amazing because it could ?nd things in the night sky by

Just before we left, we watched a 3D video on the sun and what will happen to it in
billions of years time. Because we watched that video, we missed our train back by 2
minutes! That was very annoying but it meant that we had 10 minutes to buy soft drink.
When we ?nally got on the train to go home, we were all exhausted but some snakes sorted
us out and in a matter of minutes, we were all talking happily until the sad moment came
when we had to say goodbye to Killara scouts at Killara station. When we got to Gordon
station, our parents were waiting to take us home after a long and exiting night at the



Scouts – Our visit to the Sydney Observatory

Our visit to the Observatory coincided with the Vivid Festival. We watched a spectacular light show playing across the buildings around Circular Quay and on the Opera House.

We were lucky – the skies cleared and the Scouts had fun viewing the night sky through the old telescope (circa 1858) and also the new telescope.

We looked at the Christmas tree cluster, a colourful collection of stars 2,600 light-years from the Earth, a blue planetary nebula and also had a great viewing of Saturn.

We enjoyed a movie “Bigger than Big” in the 3D cinema and contemplated what will happen to Earth when the Sun explodes in about 3.5 billion years’ time.

Sydney Observatory 2 Sydney Observatory

ScoutHike 2013

We joined with Killara Troop to make up some joint patrols for ScoutHike in the Wingello State Forest from 3-5 May. This is a competitive event with the patrols carrying all their gear for two days as they race to as many of the 28 activity bases as they can to win points. Over 1,000 Scouts from Sydney Northern region participated and there were close to 400 volunteers organising and running the event.

The theme was “all things nautical”.  Our activity base was HMAS Paterson, which was a minesweeper in WWII and our allotted theme was “shipwrecked”.  We had Scouts constructing a dunny for the captain, racing down the track to collect mines in a replica of Paterson, filtering dirty water (cordial), making a shelter and lighting a fire with flint and steel. About 75 patrols came through our base over the weekend.

The Tassie Tigers patrol which included 1st Gordon Scouts Sophie Maher and Matt Walker, came 11th overall of 200 Patrols, winning a Gold award. This was a fantastic achievement in endurance, planning, enthusiasm and team work.  The Emus with Raphie Giles got a Silver placing – also a terrific result. Killara’s third patrol was also well placed with a Bronze award

Scouts- Friday 10th May 2013

We are in the hall on Friday evening for our first meeting of Term 2.

The Troop Council (PLs and APLs) will meet from 6.30pm – 7.30pm to put together the Term program.

At the full meeting from 7.30pm we will get some feedback on Scouthike and plan our skills building sessions for the next couple of months.  My aim is to have all Scouts working on their Blue/Explorer or Green/Adventurer Awards by the end of this term.

This will ensure we are ready to welcome the keen Cub Scouts who are due to move up to Scouts in the second half of the year.

We have formed some firm friendships with Killara Troop this year – and they are hoping to continue joint activities with us – camping, hiking, outings and patrol activities in hall.

Congratulations to Sophie and Matt and their patrol ‘Tassie Tigers’ for achieving a Gold Award at Scouthike last weekend. A fantastic achievement.  Well done also to Raphie and his fellow patrol members in the Emus who managed a Silver placing despite losing points with an unwell patrol member.

See you on Friday evening!


Bunnings Fundraising BBQ on Sunday 19th May

Hello Cub and Scout parents,
Our scout group has been lucky enough to secure the sausage sizzle fundraising spot on Sunday 19th May at Bunnings Chatswood. This is a great opportunity to raise money for the group to go towards maintenance of the hall and purchasing equipment.
I am in charge of organising volunteers to run the BBQ on the day. Many hands make light work so I hope that you can all chip in and help. We are required to operate it from 8am until at least 4pm. I am proposing that we have four shifts of 2 hours with a little over-lap to allow for handover:
We need four adults per shift. I will be there for set-up and a few hours in the morning.
Please let me know which shift you are able to do. If you are flexible let me know so that gaps in the roster can be filled.
All the supplies and equipment will be arranged but you may like to bring an apron.
The Bunnings guidelines state that kids are not allowed to handle the food but they are able to take orders and get drinks etc. I would encourage scouts and cubs to come along in uniform and help out at that stall as it receives a very positive response from the public. In past years I have found this fundraiser easy and rewarding. It only gets tricky if you’re under-staffed so hopefully if we all do our bit that won’t be an issue.
The store address is:
Bunnings Warehouse Chatswood
Cnr Gibbes & Smith St
Chatswood NSW 2067
See link below for google map reference:
I look forward to hearing from you all soon.
Many thanks,
Hugh Wells

Night Hike – Friday 5th April 2013

Hi Everyone,

On Friday night we are going to do a hike through the bush (Two Creek’s track) at East Lindfield through to Roseville and back.

I have attached a map of the route and a blank A1 form. Please fill out the form and bring it on the night.

It’s suggested you bring a head torch and drink. Let me know by return email if you can make it.

Looking forward to a fun Friday night,


Peter and Raphie
ph: 0417 454 899